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Life Beyond is an open world, video game experience with community at its core. This always-on alternate reality offers a place for everyone, regardless of your playstyle or time commitment. Step into a new century, where the people of earth have been granted access to a mysterious uncharted world. On Corvus, you will find a land filled with secrets, untold riches and opportunity for all, heralding the dawn of a new age for humankind and the birth of a bold new society.  

Our ambition is for a new type of player community to flourish, where a vibrant economy and intuitive gameplay systems let you take control to shape the world and define your role in it.

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Want to Play ?

Darewise Entertainment is looking for gamers who are passionate about open world, massively multiplayer game experiences that involve collaboration at a player-to-player and player-to-developer level. We are looking for gamers and communities of gamers who want to be a part of this journey.


Explore an open world

Gather resources in interactive environment simulations that run multiple ecosystems teeming with life, responding to life around it while uncovering advanced technology left behind.

Earn your keep

Accept contracts from other players to score in-game clout and currency or craft and trade valuable materials, weapons, tools, vehicles and more in a largely player-driven economy.


About the game

How do I start playing?

We’re currently looking for passionate gamers who are already active members of online game communities to share feedback. If that’s you, send us your email and we’ll give you instructions on how you could join Life Beyond!

Do I have to go through an onboarding process?

Yes, we want to develop a personal relationship with players who are invested in creating a different kind of online game. Therefore, we ask every player who wants to participate in our early playtesting to apply and those accepted will then participate in a video chat to onboard into Life Beyond.

Will that always be the case?

We plan to continue to have an advanced onboarding process throughout this testing period.

Is there any cost to play Life Beyond?

We haven’t implemented any pricing or paid systems at this time but will look to test these systems at a later date. We’ll share details and will be listening to playtesters about how these features feel and improve Life Beyond.

About the Founder's Packs

When will I receive my keys for the Closed Alpha?

You will receive two emails: one email with your personal key for Life Beyond and another email with the additional keys you can share. These emails will be sent by our partner Xsolla. If you do not see the emails, please check your spam inbox for any email from

If I give an extra key to my friends, will they have the same access and items as I do?

They will be granted access to the Closed Alpha, but the rewards are just for you.

How can I get my Discord Founder’s role?

You just need to head on our official Discord, if it isn’t already the case and ask for your role to our Community Manager or on the channel #ask-Darewise.

When will I receive my Government certificate and what is it really?

Government certificates will be made by our team. They will include the number of your pack, your name, and a pretty cool stamp and design.They will be delivered along with the other e-goodies.

How many packs are still available?

For the Founder’s Packs, we are limiting the number of Visionary Packs to 500. When a Founder’s Pack is about to run out, we will make an announcement on our Discord Channel.

About item trading and DMarket

What is DMarket?

DMarket is an online platform that enables secure buying, selling and trading of in-game items.

What items can I currently sell using this service?

All your founder’s items will be tradable right away (you will see them in your DMarket inventory or in-game), though only the T3 gear tokens and Visionary emotes will be redeemable in-game in a few days. The rest of the founder’s items will be made available later.

Will I need to create an account or link my Life Beyond account?

No account creation necessary! You will be able to use your game credentials to access your DMarket inventory by logging in at

Can I take my items back from DMarket?

Yes, as long as your items haven’t been sold and are still listed on DMarket, you can cancel the sell order.

Do I get a notification about my items when using DMarket?

Yes, you will receive an email at the address linked to your Life Beyond game account when your items are listed on the market, sold, or when you purchase items from someone else.